Oh, What a nice comment!
Thanks for positive comment post!
Really thank you!

Have a nice day!!!


Could you ask your friends to sub doraemon anime?
There is a lot people that love to watch doraemon but they need subtitle. Please...


you can find japanese subtitles
this site.

another language subtitles unfortunately currently it did not find.
I'm effort find another language subtitles.

Thanks for comment.
Have a nice day :)


Hello, on 10 august, Doraemon the movie 2016 : birth of japan was out in dvd and blu-ray.
Will you upload a raw of this episode?


i'm present not plan this movie.
but, when i was some can afford I'll try them.
Thanks for comment.

Have a nice day :)


Hello, I'm a user who loves your doraemon videos.
I have a question.

These days, Your uploads have been delayed. When can you upload doraemon videos?(Not urge)


Hello!! I'm Pandoratv-raws
Sorry for very delay 2016-07-08 videos.
Because I'm very busy and very slow internet speed.
I'm soon upload this broadcasting!

Sorry for delay
Have a nice day :)


Hello again :)
Just a suggestion of mine, If it is possible, how about you making a batch for 100 episodes each. For example, the next one is for 301 to 400, then the one after next is 401 to 500. From the viewer of a seeder, I think that way is easier to maintain.
Thank you for keeping up the hard work!


Oh.. sorry for late confirm.
I'm already upload 301~350..
next release pack upload I'm try 100 episode in a release pack.
Thanks for suggestion!
Have a nice day XD