Will you do the japanese subtitles or find them for past episodes before episodes like 500 or 600? Please and thank you!


Why are you not uploading episodes anymore?


How u record these show in ts format i wanna do record some shows too but i have no idea how u do it


and the doraemon movies bdrip 1980-2022 for january 2023 please im gonna be a fan of doraemon tv series 1979-2005 2005-2019


hi it's so good to be a fan of doraemon 1979-2005 doraemon 2005-2019 but tell me one question will you be sharing raw for doraemon 2005 2019 episodes 1-1046 mkv + special + movies tv asahi ex1080p mkv & doraemon 1979-2005 episodes 1-1787 mkv + specials please at the end of 2022