Can you share me Doraemon subtitles ep 234?
Thank you so much!


Hello, I'm Pandoratv-raws!
I searched for the data you asked for, but unfortunately it was determined that it was impossible to extract it.
If you request another episode, I will work on it.
Thank you very much for your inquiry!


Hello,can I request EP 21 22 23 srt files?
Doraemon subtitle file because I rely on you Pandora.
Thank you for helping me last time.


Hello, I'm Pandoratv-raws!
I am in the process of final verification of the requested data.
Thank you for your patience and for your inquiry!


Here the link!!

21 :
22 :
23 :


Hello Pandoratv-raws! Do you still have this file [Pandoratv-raws] Doraemon[ドラえもん] (1979) 0542~0617 [1981.04.01 - 1981.09.23] (EX-CS) 640x480.mp4


Hello, I'm Pandoratv-raws!
It is confirmed that the file is old and has been backed up to another standby server.
If it is possible to extract, I will reply to you!
Thank you very much for your inquiry~


Here the link~

1979-0542.1/5 :
1979-0542 2/5 :
1979-0542 3/5 :
1979-0542 4/5 :
1979-0542 5/5 :

Siam Islam

Did you use iptv for live recording? If yes what is the name of that site?


Hello, I'm Pandoratv-raws!
I don't use iptv, I use satellite antenna!
Thank you for your inquiry~

Siam Islam Did you know this new service? I think you can collect episodes from here.


Hello, I"m Pandoratv-raws.
Thank you very much for your information.
After checking, I understood that I could watch the episode I wanted.
However, it is unclear whether it will work because it has to decrypt and uploading an already encoded video is inferior in quality or versatility.
Anyway, thanks for the good info!